Researcher Index

A collection of Placemaking related research and publications
Researcher Namesort ascending Country/ies Keywords for research experience
Aurora Marijke Martin Netherlands, Czech Republic theory, design, architecture, town planning, emancipation, bildung, civic culture, post-conflict, contested contexts, representation, perception, trauma-remembrance
Agisilaos Economou Greece environmental management, policies, sustainability, urban, planning, tourism, culture, geographic information systems
Alexandra Delgado Jiménez Spain urban, transformation, sustainability, planning, territory, architecture
Bahanur Nasya Austria polycentric concepts, inclusive development, public space
Carola Hein Netherlands architectural, urban, planning history, design
Cor Wagenaar Netherlands, Germany urban, history, theory, healthy cities, healthcare architecture, medical neighborhoods
Dov Winer Israel ICT, digitisation, web, communication, internet, diaspora, Jewish culture, ethnic identity, online education, digital storytelling, narratives, linked data
Gilles Gesquiere France spatio-temporal, data management, urban, data, mediation
Gülce Kırdar Turkey public space, digital placemaking, digital participation
Heike Oevermann Germany heritage, conservation, sites, urban, conflicts
Ida Sofie Gøtzsche Lange Denmark terminal towns, transit cities, living cities
Juan A. García-Esparza Spain historic, centres, world heritage, urban, ethnography, conservation, cultural re-creation, public space, sustainable development
Juli Székely Hungary memorials, holocaust, socialism, securitisation, urban, heritage, city films, public art
Kinga Kimic Poland public spaces, public greenery, design, programming, participatory budgeting
Marluci Menezes Portugal space anthropology, urban anthropology, cultural heritage, social memory, public space, interdisciplinary perspective, qualitative and collaborative methodologies, urban planning, urbanism
Mastoureh Fathi Ireland migration, urban space, intersectionality, migrant women, migrant young men, integration, urban photography, urban art
Matej Miksic Slovenia public space, participatory planning, urban regeneration, placemaking, urban design, urban neighbourhood, crowdsourcing, social justice, remote places
Pekka Tuominen Finland urban anthropology, ethnography, Urban transformation, affective geography, belonging, territorial stigma
Paulina Polko Poland national security, securitisation, crimmigration
Tahir Albayrak Turkey tourist behaviour, destination management, service quality measurement
Tatiana Ruchinskaya United Kingdom urban regeneration, community resilience, community valorisation, co-creation, inclusive environments, inclusive design, digital experiences, public spaces, blockchain
Marichela Sepe Italy digitisation, mappings, data, history, memory; urban, regeneration
Simone Tappert Switzerland, Germany urban anthropology, ethnographic research, neighbourhood, belonging, sustainability, green space, urban governance, community work, social work, qualitative methodology
Edmond Manahasa Albania sense of place, urban identity, neighbourhood, city
Jolanthe Kugler Switzerland urban development, urban design, planning theory, architecture, participation, design, design thinking, social sustainability, neighbourhoods
Carlos Smaniotto Costa Portugal sustainable urban development, urban design, landscape design, urban ecology, urban biodiversity, heritage, urban development, research methods, participatory processes, co-creation processes, urban environment
Conor Horan Ireland knowledge Space, knowledge management, engaged scholarship
Yael Ram Israel place attachment, walkability, urban tourism, cultural heritage
Thomas Leduc France urban form, microclimatic qualities, urban spaces, spatial Analysis, GIS
Ayse Erek Turkey urban imaginary, cultural heritage, memory, urban interventions, Urban transformation, urban form, contemporary art and design, port cities, urban modernities