Dov Winer

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Dov Winer

MAKASH – Advancing ICT Applications in Education, Culture and Science

JHN (Jewish Heritage Network) / Judaica Europeana

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Description of Research in Relation to Placemaking : 

I am a psychologist having also studied online education and training in the early nineties. My concerns are related to the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in education and cultural heritage.

I established the Applied Research Unit of the Sapir Academic College of the Negev and ran the first project in Israel of community development based on computer-mediated communications. When the Internet was opened in Israel, I led its dissemination to industry; I have also trained the first groups of teacher’s educators in the application of the then new tools in education. The cultural constructivist psychology of Michael Cole on the role of technology has guided my work.

I moderated the MINERVA framework for coordinating activities in digitisation of cultural heritage; was member of NRG (National Representatives Group) that set the ground for Europeana; from 2004 to 2017 have co-chaired the EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Culture.

EUROPEANA  is the EU flagship project in the area of digitisation of cultural heritage having a leading role in this area worldwide. It is a lively eco-system where best practices are developed, show cased and mutual learning takes place between professionals in the area of culture, educators, cultural tourism developers, computer scientists, researchers and scholars from the academy, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Since 2008, I have been an active participant in Europeana projects: Judaica Europeana, Athena, Athena Plus, Linked Heritage, Digital Manuscripts to Europeana and now, again, Judaica European II in the framework of the Jewish Heritage Network.   A Judaica Europeana thematic collection is planned for Europeana - one of its dissemination targets is much relevant to CA18204 goals: the European Day of Jewish Culture  when Jewish communities in localities in all European countries display and perform their local place making.

I am interested in the application of Linked Data approaches for the integration and enrichment of digital cultural heritage repositories (, and cultural heritage digital storytelling (


Interest in Contribution Field/Context: 

I will be happy to establish the connection between CA 18204 and Europeana, as some of its activities are particularly relevant: UGC initiatives (User Generated Content)  ; the tools and resources coming from Europeana Education priority ; Europeana for Tourism .

Case Studies Conducted / Participated In: 

The role of digital/online resources in the Jewish Diaspora communities” examines the role of the globalizing new communications technologies on ethnicity and ethnic affiliations, focusing on Diasporas. It analyses a particular case study, that of the Jewish Diaspora including a comprehensive review of early developments as well as the main areas of application in Jewish life today. Published in Circumscribere, International Journal for the History of Science, Vol (24), 2019. DOI:;p27-65 

"The Tarbut Movement: arts and culture for empowerment" is a case study of a movement, including both urban kibbutzim and a youth movement, active in the area of art and culture for empowerment of peripheral localities in Israel. Presented last November at the WG2 Research Workshop of COST CA16206, “Empower-se - Empowering the next generation of social enterprise scholars”. To be published in an upcoming volume of the Routledge Studies in Social Enterprise & Social Innovation. The paper pre-publication manuscript and the presentation slides are available at


Modes of Investigation: 

Online, offline, qualitative, quantitative.