Working Group 4 - The Digital Platform for placemaking

This WG focuses on urban dialogue between local communities across Europe and global ones. It analyses the various digital tools that support dialogue and exchange between various urban local communities in the field of placemaking. The workshop on the one hand secures the theoretical frames, on the other hand it also discusses the involvement of such methods as the "peer-to-peer" approach.


Work Plan for Working Group 4

Workshop 1 - E-teaching frames. This workshop analyzes which e-teaching tools can be included in the strengthening of the urban dialogue and exchange of best practices between local communities. Not only will there be possible tools introduced by various experts but also the needs and interests of local community members will be taken into consideration by integrating the voices of urban activists, community members, NGOs and artists.

Workshop 2 - Selection and Curation. This Workshop will focus on the selection of content for the digital platform that supports transfer of urban knowledge and best-practices regarding placemaking and dialogue between the communities. 

Workshop 3 - Content Production. This workshop produces and fixes the content of the developed digital platform on placemaking with the support of various non-academic partners and stakeholders. The content production is connected with the e-teaching tools, in order to develop various online courses for wide audience on different forms of placemaking strategies and practices.

Workshop 4 - The beta version. This workshop introduces the first version of the digital platform which will be evaluated by various user groups from academic and non-academic audiences.


Working Group Lead


Universidade Lusófona



Dr Mastoureh FATHI
University College Dublin