Working Group 3 - Networks and Transfers

This WG focuses on the various forms of the transfer of best practices and knowledges between the local communities across Europe by asking what kind of network they maintain? How do these communities use digital tools in the dissemination of knowledge and which kind of digital tools are utilized? Who is deciding about the selection of the content and who is producing it? This workshop seeks answers to these questions, thereby creating the theoretical framework for further case study analysis.


Work plan for Working Group 3

Workshop 1 - Concepts of transfer and digitization. This Workshop elaborates various transfer concepts such as social media and links it with the theoretical approaches discussing urban knowledge production. As this field is a relatively unresearched area, the theoretical framing for knowledge production, transfer/dissemination and digitization will be secured and further developed from transdisciplinary perspective.

Workshop 2 - Curating urban knowledge. This workshop collects, selects and decides about digital forms of urban knowledge data preservation and practices related to placemaking. Digital curation will improve the quality of information and data from urban knowledge produced placemaking. Thus, this workshop keeps the information and data accessible to users.

Workshop 3 - Content production and urban agency. This workshop focuses on actors who produce the knowledge linked to placemaking, thereby influencing urban agency. This workshop not only analyses collected case studies but also intends to grasp the practices and strategies of the influencing.

Workshop 4 - Networking between cities. This workshop compares various networking forms between cities in Europe and elsewhere. By analyzing the networking forms, this workshop aims to understand and to grasp the uniqueness of the transnational, “interurban” networking activities of local communities.


Working Group Lead


Dr Conor HORAN
TU Dublin



Dr Yael RAM
Ashkelon Academic College