Working Group 1 - Dynamics of Placemaking

WG1 will take stock of the demands and claims on place and digitization raised by local urban actors and, at the same time, will seek to identify trends and patterns worldwide in practices of placemaking. Furthermore, it seeks to map out the gradually emerging structure of international and supranational policies of digital-based placemaking.


Work plan for Working Group 1

Workshop 1 - Case studies of placemaking and local knowledge production in European cities. Collection, presentation and discussion of case studies that embody placemaking activities, including collaborative, artistic and creative practices.

Workshop 2 - Collecting local knowledges: an urban common. This workshop will focus on the idea of collecting, preserving and channeling local urban knowledges and linking them to the urban decision-making. It will look at the ways bottom-up activities in these fields emerge in various cities, how they are realized and how they create a resource for collaborative urban planning and development.

Workshop 3 - Urban local archives. This workshop will investigate different ways and methods of creating a neighborhood-related archive by the local citizens. It will look at the influence of digitization on these activities, how digitization allows for the creation of such archives and how this has the potential to strengthen the sense to the place. Moreover, this workshop asks how the creation of urban archives support the digital abilities of local citizens and strengthens urban citizenship.

Workshop 4 - History of sensing the place and placemaking. This workshop will attempt to study the previous forms of sensing the place such as traveler’s literature in order to understand and identify the main trajectories of the identification of the place which served as a basis of local knowledge production as well. It will also take into consideration how the digitization changed these perceptions and forms of sensing the place.


Working Group Lead


University of Helsinki



Dr. Ayse EREK
Kadir Has University