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Edmond Manahasa

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Edmond Manahasa

Epoka University

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Description of Research in Relation to Placemaking : 

The research work which will aim to study the urban identity of two neighbourhoods in Tirana: Bllok and Kombinat. The neighbourhoods are located into two diametrically opposite zones in Tirana, thus aiming to measure the concepts of place attachment and identity, both in peripheral and central zones.  The research is conceptualized into two phases: The First Phase includes two urban analysis:

i. City Image (based on Kevin Lynch model) and

ii. A palimpsest analysis, which will be used to examine the stratification of Tirana housing typology according to the below mentioned historical period: Housing (Ottoman Reminiscent or Italian Influenced) before 1945, Socialist period Housing Blocks and Post-Socialist housing. 

Beyond analysing the architectural features exposed in the building design which can be easily evidenced through the site trip, might use maps of different periods, images of historical texts as tools to complete the process. The second phase of the research consists of a survey, which will be conducted to the respective neighbourhood. The aim of the questionnaire is to measure the concept of place attachments and identity both in neighbourhood and city scale of place. Approximately the aim is to have 150-200 surveys conducted in each neighbourhood.

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The main contribution stands on revealing the urban identity of two neighbourhoods in post-socialist Tirana.

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Urban Identity and Attachment between Center and Periphery in Tirana

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Offline, Qualitative, Quantitative,