environmental management

Agisilaos Economou

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Agisilaos Economou

PhD National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Environmentalist

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Description of Research in Relation to Placemaking : 

Digital cultural routes through Geographic Information Systems (GIS):The research refers to routes that are linked to cultural elements such as monuments, archaeological sites, places with architectural heritage, and other. Technological media and networking tools, combined with geographic information systems, are important tools for promotion natural and cultural resources of an area via cultural routes. Digital cultural routes are expected to play an important role to a deeper understanding of European history and European culture and tourist development of one area.

Landscape mapping by geographical information systems (GIS) applications: It refers to the landscape with significant natural features and cultural interest, to the criteria for landscape adjust and the tools and methods for mapping it. It proves that geographic information systems are a powerful tool for mapping the landscape and their change through the time.


Interest in Contribution Field/Context: 

Digital mapping, digital culture routes and landscape mapping through Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Case Studies Conducted / Participated In: 

Digital cultural routes through Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Modes of Investigation: 

Use of Geographic Information Systems for spatial planning and landscape mapping.