urban environment

Carlos Smaniotto Costa

Researcher Name: 
Carlos Smaniotto Costa

Universidade Lusófona,  CeiED Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development

Description of Research in Relation to Placemaking : 

My research activities deal, in several national and Eu-founded projects, with issues of sustainable urban development and strategies for the integration of open spaces and nature conservation in the urban context. To do this my activities consists of, on the one side engaging communities, stakeholders and vulnerable groups in the improvement of their environment, and on the other side crafting and designing policy briefs as well as political advocacy for city administrations on urban and social development issues.

Keywords for research interest for collaboration: 
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Modes of Investigation: 

My research experience covers both quantitative and qualitative methods. For citizens science and co-creation, qualitative methods and ethnography are more relevant,. Therefore, in my research different tools and methods are used: discourse analysis, case studies, with a particular interest exploring local knowledge, vulnerable groups and disconnections between urban development and needs of environment and people.