Ayse Erek

Researcher Name: 
Ayse Erek

Assoc. Prof., PhD / Kadir Has University, Istanbul

Contact Email: 
Description of Research in Relation to Placemaking : 

With research on art, design and city, I am collecting and examining case studies in Istanbul and Berlin, and discuss placemaking as a categoriy in understanding and expanding participotary practices, narrative making and imagination, including contemporary and historical implications of ‘placemaking’. 

Interest in Contribution Field/Context: 

By connecting the researchers, NGO’s and graduate and undergraduate students to interdisciplinary research on placemaking and to interdisciplinary culture of making; research 'on theoretical and practical knowledge production via art and design on placemaking, development of new curriculum and training structures for digitization and placemaking. 

Case Studies Conducted / Participated In: 

Comparative research on horizontol urban planning in Istanbul, Berlin and St Petersburg, comparative research on urban imaginaries of Istanbul and Berlin, work with neighbourhood organizations on participatory interventions, work with contemporary artists and designers. 

External Stakeholders Engaged With: 

TACT International Research Network on Art and the City,  AICA Association of Art Critics – Turkey.

Modes of Investigation: 

Qualitative, quantitave and mixed methods.