Kinga Kimic

Researcher Name: 
Kinga Kimic

Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, Poland

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Description of Research in Relation to Placemaking : 

Main field of research is focused on creation multifunctional public spaces, especially public green areas (parks, green squares, etc.), related to programming in regard to social needs and expectation, also including the possibilities and ideas of ICTs’ application to increase rest/recreational offer of public spaces for users (increasing time spent outdoors, well being, possibilities of social interactions, etc.). Design rules related to increase accessibility, safety, functionality, recreational attractiveness, etc. of public spaces. Rules and ideas related to rebuilding public spaces in the context of their accessibility for elderly users and disabled.

Selected aspects of participatory budgeting related to analyses and evaluation of main changes of public spaces and their contemporary development as a result of social needs. A concept of “green projects” in Warsaw Participatory Budgets (Poland) - an idea related to enhancement of public spaces by increasing greenery.


Interest in Contribution Field/Context: 
  • team work focused on exchange of information and knowledge related to contemporary ways of public spaces' development and creation based on social participation - formulating new trends; 
  • comparative analyses and evaluation of present functioning of public green areas to recognize main social problems;
  • cooperation in preparing publications;
  • participation in meetings - discussions, seminars, conferences.
Case Studies Conducted / Participated In: 

Searching for examples and ideas related to application of ICTs to increase the offer of public green areas (Barcelona case study - STSM 2016); general overview of ICTs' application to street furniture in public spaces.

Research on green projects in Warsaw Participatory Budgets (2015 till present) - an author typology and overview on green projects realised in different scales, main directions of their development in recent years.


Keywords for research interest for collaboration: 
Modes of Investigation: 
  • online investigation of safety in public greenery
  • quantitative analyses on green projects in Warsaw participatory Budgets
  • overview of ideas and examples of ICTs application to public spaces