Marluci Menezes

Researcher Name: 
Marluci Menezes

LNEC – Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (National Laboratory on Civil Engineering)

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Description of Research in Relation to Placemaking : 

Development of action-research perspectives related to urban intervention with social involvement.

Development of work plans and collaborative methodologies for the involvement of people and stakeholders.

Development of an anthropological perspective of co-research and co-creation of knowledge, using a citizen science perspective.

Participation in projects related to placemaking (eg. Action Cost CyberPark, JPI / ENSUF C3Places

Project, EFTA/EEA - Old Ghettos, New Centralities Project).

Interest in Contribution Field/Context: 

From anthropology of space perspective, focusing, on the one hand, on issues of methodological scope and planning; on the other hand, contexts linked to the urban public space, city and territory, cultural and urban heritage.

Case Studies Conducted / Participated In: 

Involvement of heritage communities in the dynamics of conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage values (according to interdisciplinary research projects developed at LNEC).

Involvement of teenagers in placemaking (according to the perspectives of the European Project C3Places).

External Stakeholders Engaged With: 

Municipalities and local administrations, representatives of schools, cultural and social development associations, conservation and restoration companies, associations and social collectives linked to the right to the city and housing (etc.). From a network point of view, I highlight IPERION, EHRIS, ESFRI, Actions COST, RUN - CYTED, 4HC, DARIAH.

Modes of Investigation: 

I usually resort to the use of qualitative methodologies and techniques - interviews, observation, behavioral maps, life stories, socio-technical memories, content analysis, etc. - acting normally in spatial perspectives with a local scope (micro and medium scales). In many of the approaches developed, I have resorted to collaborative perspectives, with investment in co-creative processes of knowledge and/or action intervention. Online and offline are potentially used modes, depending on the study contexts, issues, conditions and objectives. I work in a inter/multidisciplinary perspective, envisaging knowledge of a more transdisciplinary scope.