Sustainable European Cities and Digitization

13 May 2021 | sustainability , cities , digitization

The May EuropeNow issue is now out launched. This special feature focuses on Sustainable European Cities and Digitization and presents our work as an Action and across Actions. 

Sustainable development is not only key to political discourses and journalism, but it is also gaining traction with innovative approaches in academia, where the climate humanities combine their methodological rigor to turn scientific knowledge into social action and community engagement. On a global level, the sustainable development goals to end poverty and gender discrimination and to increase economic growth were adopted by all United Nations member states.

Among its seventeen goals, the sustainability of the environment plays a significant role. Underlying all of this is the suggestion that environmentalism is not only one of the “extras” to be added on to other desiderata of economic and social development, but that sustainability should underpin all human endeavor. Just recently, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, called for a European Bauhaus der Erde, a green movement to transform the “built environment” through bottom-up initiatives that involve artists, architects, and communities alike, thereby creating a shared vision “based on the principles of sustainability, participation and aesthetics.”

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