OPEN Call for Virtual Mobility events

29 September 2021 |

We opened a new call for Virtual Mobility project and would be very happy to receive your proposals asap. We are looking for proposals, which support the work in this action, especially in the working groups, allow us to exchange with other networks and/or allow us to have new insights. This Virtual program is a testing phase and if it’s beneficial for our Cost action than the chances to continue it in the upcoming grant periods are high. We are keeping our Call for Virtual Mobility open for this period. First come first served.

About the Virtual Mobility Grant:

The COST Association has launched new types of grants to respond to the rising need of digital tools in the context of the pandemic and to ensure continuity of COST Actions’ work activities. These are proposed as a pilot scheme until 31 October 2021 to build capacity and spread the uptake of virtual collaboration. Our Cost Action is going to experiment with the Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants and we would be very happy to receive your proposals for virtual activities.

Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants to strengthen the existing networks by allowing individual participants to foster collaboration, to exchange knowledge, to learn new techniques, etc. The successful applicants will be selected by the MC to perform activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence.

The activities expected to be performed by the successful applicant, but not limited to, are

  • To support the harmonisation and standardisation of methods and procedures within the Action networking activities
  • To support the implementation of research related activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence,
  • Virtual mentoring scheme, with special focus on activities and exchanges that can generate capacity building and new skills, particularly for ECIs researchers
  • Content preparation and coordination of science communication activities

For more information about these grants, please read the VADEMECUM and the FAQ document.

Dynamics of Placemaking’s strategy for VM over the 1st Grant Period

The COST Association provides open guidelines regarding the objectives of VNTs grants. Given the limited time to develop virtual networking strategies until the end of the 1st Grant Period (31 October 2021), We have decided to narrow down the scope and want to align all virtual activities with the overall objectives of the Action. We are concentrating this year’s efforts on four VM grants. The grant applicants are invited to send us their drafted online events as soon as possible.

The event needs to take place within the 1st Grant Period, probably latest in early- or mid-October.

Please keep in mind that we need good reporting documents about your activities within October. Your event will be supported by the selected Virtual Networking Manager (VNM) Bahanur Nasya/wonderland. The program of the online event must consider the diversity of areas covered in this Action, the objectives of the Working Groups, and the differences among members expertise (i.e., from experienced researchers to early-career investigators). The format is flexible, can be any format you find useful for our Action (e.g. a number of invited talks, MOOCs, demonstrations, and short courses that would be publicly disseminated among the Action stakeholders over the event and beyond…). More precisely, the content created for this event will be available on our website and social media channels at least, for the duration of the COST Action. Additionally, all members of the Cost-Action, the participants in the event and can use (with clear reference to creators and the Cost Action) the content on their digital activities and display on their websites. The applicant will determine the scope of the VM grants. 


Open call to all individuals with a primary affiliation to an institution located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member country or a COST Near Neighbor Country participating in the Action. The applicant(s) shall inform the MC about the aim of the VM Grant and how its outcomes will generate benefits to the Action, actively contribute to the overall objectives and relevant deliverables of the Action and submit an activity report at the end, to be approved by the VN manager on behalf of the MC.

VM GRANT: 1,000 EUR - 1,500 EUR per grant

Deadline: ongoing application and evaluation of the applications for the remaining period.

For further details of the VM role and criteria please refer to Section 10.1 in the Vademecum-28-April-2021.pdf.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Applicants must carefully read the funding rules detailed in Section 10.1 in the COST Vademecum-28-April-2021.pdf and consult the VNT-userguide.pdf. The Userguide will support the applicant in successful submission of the proposal through the e-cost portal.
  2. Applicants must use the application form that can be downloaded by clicking here. You can upload your relevant supporting documents for evaluation on the e-cost form directly. For questions you can contact Bahanur Nasya at office(at)
  3. Granted persons need to send their quality report latest within October 2021