Digital cultural routes in Europe cities

City / Country / Region: 
Athens, Greece
Local / Citizens' Knowledge Production as a Tool for Placemaking: 

European routes have very different themes and depict European memory, history and heritage and contribute to the understanding of the multiplication of modern Europe. The aims of the survey are: 

  • Understanding of European history and European culture and tourist development via cultural routes
  • Promoting natural and cultural resources of the cities via case studies.


Participatory Processes: 
  • Description of the natural and cultural landscape (recording of remarkable cultural elements, monuments, sights, museums) of the historical centres of the cities.
  • Creation of a route (connection of cultural elements).
  • Connecting the route with other worthwhile routes in the area (athletics events and cultural venues).
  • Connecting the route with digital databases and promotion through the various electronic media.
  • Connecting cities with similar history and culture.
Digital Tools Used: 

Maps, Geographic information systems (GIS), internet, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc).

Bottom-Up Digital Practices: 

Promoting of natural and cultural resources in the urban historic centres of the cities, Creating new cultural routes in Europe.

Disciplinary / Professional Field: 

Urban and Environmental Planning, Geographic Information Systems