Digital ‘townscapes” in Europe

City / Country / Region: 
Historic urban centers in Greece
Commissioner(s) / Initiator(s): 
Local / Citizens' Knowledge Production as a Tool for Placemaking: 

Understanding the history of the area. Developments of historic centres in the urban environment and landscape protection.

Participatory Processes: 

This study refers to the mapping of the landscape in the urban areas of the cities of Europe and to the protection measures that have been taken into account to protect them. The survey focuses on:

  • the conceptual view of the landscape and its dimensions. 
  • the natural landscape features, 
  • the criteria for landscape adjust
  • the tools and methods for mapping landscape
  • renovations of historic centres
  • digitization of (lost/forgotten) heritage; linking past and future; ‘toward a digital townscape’
Digital Tools Used: 

Maps, Geographic information systems (GIS), satellite image, topographic map, orthophoto map, etc.

Bottom-Up Digital Practices: 

We can observe the geographical transformation of an urban area and changes in land uses (by using images at different times for the same specific area). We can design and propose new interventions in urban areas.

Disciplinary / Professional Field: 

Urban and Environmental Planning, Geographic Information Systems