Cooperative Cities in Dialogue & Placemaking Europe

Location: Streaming on Facebook

Wednesday 14th October 2020 @ 12:30 CET, Belgrade.

This event falls within Workshop 4, Networking Between Cities



Convenor: Nasya Bahanur (WG3) from Eutropian (Urban Research and Action)

Anna Bradley from Placemaking Europe 

Clara Reich from the Case Study in Oslo 

Dr Nicole Shea, Chair of the COST Action on the Dynamics of Placemaking

Dr Conor Horan, COST Action Working Group leader - Engaging multiple communities.

Where and When?

The Dialogue will be streamed live on Facebook 12:30 (CET) at

Placemaking Europe group members can join their watch party (private group) at

If you have further groups/pages etc. please feel free to do the same!

Draft Schedule

Nasya Bahanur (WG3) from Eutropian (Urban Research and Action), Vienna: PlaceCity Project - If you are interested in the PlaceCity, would like to implement winterplacemaking simultaneously in your city, or exchange with the cities Vienna and Oslo, please visit the Placemaking Europe website or simply connect with Bahanur ( In this phase of the case study other cities and neighbour are invited to start parallel or simultaneous activities – this might be of interest to COST Action members.

Anna Bradley from Placemaking Europe: If you are interested in the toolbox of the Placemaking Europe, would like to contribute or learn about the tools, please visit the Placemaking Europe website or connect with Anna

Clara Reich on Winter Placemaking & The Oslo / Vienna Case Studies: Also of interest is Placemaking Europe’s Winterplacemaking implementation phase in the Oslo which Clara Reich will discuss in the Event. In this discussion we aim to highlight winterplacemaking tools. We invite experienced placemakers to share their stories and invite cities/neighbourhoods to test winterplacemaking tools (or season tools). See

You can also connect with Clara through website ( or get in touch through email

Dr Nicole Shea (Chair) & Dr Conor Horan (Working Group Leader)  – COST Action on Placemaking Dynamics.

Also of Interest

Call for Placemaking Examples & Case Studies (winterplacemaking, pandemic placemaking): Placemaking Europe is interested in getting placemaking examples and examples of collaborating in cities and neighbourhoods for their website and the open source toolbox. Call brief is here. If you are interested in submitting interesting examples please forward these to Nasya Bahanur This is an interesting opportunity as we work to compile interesting case studies for the Placemaking COST Action. If you are interested please hand in your project/example here before 6th of November 2020. 


Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Live Streaming, Belgrade